This statement is so true because of fear. Fear of failure. Fear of being unable to handle the success. What if things don’t work out? What if i spend all my savings on this idea, and it wont work? Then i would have wasted all my money.
Because of fear, most people find it easier to stay in their comfort zone. Most people end up working for other peoples dream. And realize when they are older.It’s to late to work on their own dreams. TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE.
Starting your own business or working on your dreams require persistence. The burning fire to succeed in achieving the thing that you want.
Speaking to so many successful individuals, i managed to summarize, this in 3 points
1) VISUALIZE THE DREAM that you have. Dream about it day and night till you can taste it.
2) ITS OK TO FEEL SCARED. Realize it is a terrifying thought to get out of your comfort zone to start something. It is normal to feel that way. Even the most successful people i have met, feel the same.
3) FORGET ABOUT BEING PERFECT. It takes too much time and effort. You are probably procrastinating. If this continues, chances are that you will end up not doing it. Just do it, and worry about the details later. Fine tune it as you go.






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